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Renewable Technologies

Business owner or homeowner, during the last decade you would definitely of heard the term ‘renewable energy’ and been exposed to some level of marketing – but what does it actually mean, and which technologies are being integrated into commercial applications today?

Firstly, the term renewable energy refers to recurring energy that is produced naturally in the environment (e.g. waves, wind and sun).  Renewable energies go a long way toward reducing carbon emissions and can often make good financial sense to many organisations wishing to reduce energy consumption and the ever-rising costs associated with fossil fuels.

As most things in life – if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is, and like most, renewable technologies are no exception. The market has been flooded in recent years with companies springing up everywhere, purporting to save you thousands each year, quoting unrealistic payback periods, so don’t be fooled by glossy projections.

Selecting the appropriate renewable energy technology is a significant consideration and should start with the review of energy demand in your business, the opportunities available to exploit on-site waste and how you use your building. What is the current composition of energy used; gas, electricity – and what for, do you use it predominately to heat, cool or light your building? Is the demand for energy constant, or does it fluctuate at certain times of day? Acknowledging these points and more will provide you with a solid base on which to start your search for one or more green initiatives which will have the biggest impact your business.

Tried and tested technologies such as air-source heat recovery have been used in mainland Europe for many years, and is now being scaled-up and used more frequently in commercial applications. Market leaders like Daikin continue build on this concept and now offer options which not just provide air-to-air heating, but also air-to-water heating, allowing for connection to underfloor heating manifolds and hot water cylinders using their high temperature heat pump technology.

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Energy Saving and Green Energy Measures

Renewable energy projects can offer significant savings, but can equally take a long time to implement depending on the size of your organisation. Whilst renewable energy should be a primary consideration for all businesses moving forward, it is important to acknowledge that greater savings come from a balance of energy saving measures, and not from a single technology.

A primary focus in the first instance should be to reduce the need for energy where possible, and where it’s not, use it more efficiently. Today’s market offers a great deal of low cost, high efficiency measures which can be procured and implemented very simply. A great example of this is LED technology, where in its many guises can be easily retro-fitted into existing lighting systems or used to replace incumbent lighting technology altogether. With a low energy consumption and comparatively low capital cost, LED lighting technology represents a quick win in terms of energy efficiency and energy cost reduction and can be coupled with other intelligent control system to further increase associated cost and energy saving benefits.

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