Case Studies

  • Hodge Jones & Allen - 180 North Gower Street, London

    Hodge Jones & Allen – 180 North Gower Street, London

    Hodge, Jones & Allen is a London based Law firm that was founded in 1977 by Henry Hodge, Peter Jones and Patrick Allen.  To this day the firm is committed to providing first-class legal help to individuals and organisations alike, based on a strong set of ethical values that permeate throughout the firm.  Today HJA […]

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  • Sarum Road Hospital

    Sarum Road Hospital

    Performing safe, successful surgery requires precise control of not only the scalpel, but the environment in which the procedures are being carried out. So when the BMI Sarum Road Hospital were having intermittent problems with the theatre heating system, urgent action was required. Sarum Road needed dependable expertise for a job like this, so CBS […]

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  • Johnson Matthey

    Johnson Matthey

    A lot has changed in terms of energy use since the 80’s; Fuel costs have soared and the environmental impact of fossil fuels is under greater scrutiny. The 1980’s heating system installed at Johnson Matthey’s Berkshire labs was clearly designed for those times, as there was very little consideration for energy saving included in the […]

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  • Guys Hospital

    Guys Hospital

    Quintiles is one of the world’s leading providers of pharmaceutical services, helping to deliver new drugs and cures for some of the most challenging diseases. To increase their capability to perform this important work, Quintiles recently took out a long-term lease for the 13th floor at Guy’s Hospital London – in order to create a […]

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  • Gems Sensors

    Gems Sensors

    Gems Sensors have been a CBS service contract customer for over 10 years. The contract covers the majority of the services on-site including, chillers, air conditioning, refrigeration, fume cupboard extraction and the central heating system. Gems Sensors’ service contract provides them with two service visits a year and a 24 hour call out facility to […]

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  • Cincom


    Cincom called CBS because they were having some problems with their system. When CBS went to have a look at the problem they discovered that one of their compressors had failed on the chiller. The system itself consisted of a relatively old chiller, feeding chilled water to fan coil units throughout a prestigious three story […]

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  • Carina & Gemini

    Carina & Gemini

    The Carina and Gemini buildings in the Central area of Milton Keynes were built in the late 1960’s in the first wave of building work for the New Town. The buildings were in need of refurbishment. 25% of Carina and 75% of Gemini were occupied. CBS were contracted to refurbish the heating and air conditioning […]

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  • Andover Hospital

    Andover Hospital

    The Andover War Memorial Hospital services thousands of local patients week in, week out. In order to provide the highest level of care, Winchester and Eastleigh NHS trust commissioned a complete floor-wide refurbishment of the outpatients wing. The aim was to improve the interior environment for staff and patients alike – by making treatment rooms […]

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  • All Saints Church

    All Saints Church

    Winter was fast approaching and All Saints Church had a problem – Their oil burning boiler had been condemned. So, in an effort to save their flock from getting cold, they called in CBS to do an initial survey, where it was discovered that the heat exchanger had cracked. Biblical efforts were made to try […]

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  • Guardian House

    Guardian House

    Guardian House was purchased by a growing chemical manufacturing and distribution company to combine their two existing operations onto one site. CBS were employed to completely renovate the building making it suitable for their operation. Previously the building was used by a company assembling short runs of printed circuit boards. Due to the nature of […]

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