Case Studies

Guys Hospital

Quintiles is one of the world’s leading providers of pharmaceutical services, helping to deliver new drugs and cures for some of the most challenging diseases.

To increase their capability to perform this important work, Quintiles recently took out a long-term lease for the 13th floor at Guy’s Hospital London – in order to create a new unit for clinical trials.

The floor needed a total revamp, and so started with a strip-out all the way back to the external walls. With everything removed, the project could then start
with an empty shell.

CBS were called in to design and install the plumbing, heating, ventilation and cooling for the new clinic. An important condition laid down by the hospital was
that any new climate control equipment would have to use existing services -presenting some real challenges.

The services available were hot and chilled water in the central risers, fed and controlled from a main boiler house and chiller plant. These circuits provided
heating or cooling duty that could then be fed into ductwork to provide the desired temperature for the floor.

However, CBS’ Project Managers calculated that these centralised services would provide insufficient heating and cooling for the floor. So in order to supplement them, CBS installed additional Trane fan coil units around the perimeter. These fan coil units were fed with the chilled water from the central riser but also had high efficiency electric heaters installed, enabling them to produce additional heating and cooling as required.

The next challenge CBS faced was how to give the Quintiles staff control over their heating and cooling sytems. This was made difficult by the conditioned air
from the central plant being controlled by a different system to the additional fan
coil units.

A solution was quickly found and CBS installed a BMS (building management system) which was designed specifically for the installation. This had the ability to
control the additional Trane units as well as the fan coils around the central riser.

This unique method of local control made the best use of the building’s existing plant and given the constraints laid down by the landlord, worked suprisingly well.

This was the first installation in which Guys hospital have ever given one of their tenants the ability to manipulate the services from the main plant. The
system also gave Quintiles the ability, via a touch screen at the nurses station, to additionally control the extraction of stale air and the lighting of the floor.

The entire refurbishment of the floor was finished on time, on budget and to both the client and landlords specification.

In fact, Quintiles were so happy with the finished results of the project, that shortly after completion they hired a film crew to capture their new facility for corporate marketing purposes.